Broadband Metallic Coatings

Metallic mirrors are excellent broadband reflectors. CASTECH offers four standard coatings , covering the UV, visible and IR. These mirrors are available in round sizes from dia.12.7-50.8mm with BK7 or BOROFLOAT .

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Order Information:

To order  append the coating code  PS  to the substrate number.

For example, MIR-127-031-BK7-PS。

Substrate MaterialBK7 or BOROFLOAT
Damage ThresholdUVEA:100W/cm2  0.3J/cm2 , 10 nsec pulses @308nm,typical

EA:100W/cm2  0.3J/cm2 ,10 nsec pulses @532nm,typical

PS:1000W/cm2  1J/cm2 , 10 nsec pulses @1064nm,typical

PG:200W/cm2  1J/cm2 , 10 nsec pulses @1064nm,typical

Coating CodeWavelength Range(nm)Reflectivity per SurfaceCoating Type
UVEA250-600Ravg>90%UV Enhanced Aluminum
EA450-700Ravg>93% ,Rmin>90%Enhanced Aluminum



Ravg>96% ,Rmin>93%

Ravg>98.5%, Rmin>97%

Protected Silver




Ravg>96% ,Rmin>93%

Ravg>98% ,Ravg>96%

Protected  Gold 

•  Custom designs for other coatings  are available upon  request.



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